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A painting is seen by the eyes and the mind, but it faces the body. Joanne’s most recent works explore the tension between painting as window and painting as object.

Since the first Western Australian pandemic lockdown, Joanne has painted scenes derived from an intentional escapist window. Joanne turned to painting using classical techniques she learnt at the Florence Classical Art Academy because they were at hand, but also because they allowed her to retreat, psychologically, from the dispiriting grids and geometries of the chaos. Of course, though it allows for a sense of nature and escape, of privacy and isolation, they are an artificial construction, portraits made and used to construct a female identity.

Joanne chooses to paint because the slow drying time of oil, a six-hundred-year-old medium, encourages her to think and react in a deliberate and thoughtful manner. She is interested in making slow paintings that shift and move, paintings that reveal themselves in time as the viewer’s eye flits across the surface.

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