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Joanne Ruth Clark - Artist 

Joanne Ruth Clark is a Melbourne born artist who resides and grew up in Perth, Western Australia. Through her art practice Joanne is interested in how our environment prescribes identities to both individuals, and the collective. She experiments with concrete, resin and oil painting.

The psychological underpinnings of Joanne’s work are based upon the artist’s personal history of being half Malaysian Chinese and half Australian. Looking through the lens of her mixed cultural upbringing, Joanne examines significant moments which created a sense of the variability and confusion of her social distinctiveness. Using resin, concrete, cnc technology and oil painting, Joanne attempts to create portraits of individuals as they re-enacted the supposed choreography of self. These works suggest an unstable, monumental, body-as-architecture, under continuous construction -- or perhaps demolition.

Joanne Clark has a background in architecture and her work address’s identity between cultures.

She earned a BA in Environmental Design at UWA, a Masters Degree in Architecture from UWA, and completed a year of intensive study at the Florence Classical Art Academy in Italy. She has also studied on exchange programs at the Politechnico di Milano in Italy, UNSW in Sydney and the University of Waterloo in Canada.

Joanne has worked as an artist and exhibited her artwork in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Port Hedland, and Perth.

Joanne Clark's work investigates the complexity, and the poetics, of capturing the female-identity in a culturally complex age.



Florence Classical Art Academy, Florence, IT


University of Waterloo, Cambridge, ON, CA, MArch, Masters 

2010 - 2012

University of Western Australia, Perth, AU, MArch, Masters of Architecture


University of New South Wales  (UNSW), Sydney, AU, BArch, Exchange Semester



 Politecnico di Milano, Milan, IT, BArch, Design Studio

University of Western Australia, Perth, AU, B Arch, Bachelor of Environmental Design.



Best 100 of Good Design Award, Japan


Thesis Dissertation, University of Waterloo (High Dist), Canada


Masters of Architecture, University of Western Australia (Dist), Australia



Society for the Promotion of Classical Art Inaugural exhibition, Group Exhibition, October, Perth, Australia


The Florence Art Academy Gallery, Group Exhibition,

December, Florence, Italy


Locus, Group Exhibition, 38 Art Terrace,

October, Hong Kong, Hong Kong


Form Art Gallery presents The Courthouse Gallery, Group Exhibition, A Dot on the Run

January, Port Hedland, Australia


Blank Canvas Exhibition, Group Exhibition, Ellington

July, Perth, Australia


The Courthouse Gallery, Group Exhibition, A Dot on the Run

March, Port Hedland, Australia


Stairwell Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Ipseity

January, Perth, Australia


Windows of the city, Collective Exhibition, City of Perth 

September, Perth, Australia


Bund 22, Architecture collective exhibition,

October, Shanghai, China


D and S Gallery, Group Exhibition,

May, Shanghai, China


The Bird, Youthless Exhibition, Group exhibition, 

March, Perth, Australia


UWA, Group exhibition, 

September, Perth, Australia


Architecture and Fine Arts Gallery, Group exhibition, 

October, Perth, Australia

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